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Approaches to Dyslexia Training

Approaches to Dyslexia Training

The phenomenon of dyslexia is often referred to as a “learning disability”. However, these exceptional individuals just have different sensory perceptions due to genetic dispositions (Galaburda, LoTurco, Ramus, Fitch, & Rosen, 2006). Their different sensory perceptions cause them to view and experience our world differently, what can lead to significant accomplishments in arts, sports, and science – just not in reading and writing. Many researchers of different disciplines have dealt with this topic, mainly on how to address the reading and spelling issues that dyslexics have and how to render assistance. The approaches to research in dyslexia are as diverse as the various methods of training. What is needed is a comprehensive approach to dyslexia training that addresses all elements that cause the affected individuals’ problems to deliver faster and longer-lasting improvements.

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Dinosaur perception training

Kids + dinosaurs = fun! Enjoy our new free no prep printables with dinosaurs. Kids will have fun and train visual and spatial perception, patterning and counting till 5. Visual and spatial perception: Patterning: Counting till 5: Download: Dinosaur perception training You want even more dinosaurs? Check out this free online game: Dinosaur – Find […]

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1500 free worksheets

The American Dyslexia Association offers more than 1500 free worksheets on its website. The worksheets follow the AFS-method , a very successful method to help children with dyslexia and dyscalculia. If a child has dyslexia or dyscalculia, it is not enough to work on the mistakes. The child also has to learn to be attentive all […]

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New freebie: I spy … superheroes!

Here is another “I spy…” freebie. Children simply love them. This time it is about “I spy … superheroes”. Print them out, color, count and simply enjoy all the fun. At the same time, children train attention, visual perception and fine motor skills. Grab this freebie here: I spy … superheroes More freebies

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Open your ears!

The American Dyslexia Association offers a different educational approach to help people with dyslexia and dyscalculia. This approach is called the AFS-Method, which is a multi-sensory method to help people who have difficulties with reading, writing and / or calculating. The “F” stands for “Function” which means the different sensory perceptions you need to learn […]

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App: Phonetic Birds

Finding good programs and worksheets to train acoustical perception is difficult. So we were very happy when we discovered the app “Phonetic Birds” in the app store. This app is designed to assist in improving audio discrimination and memory-sequencing. In 4 playfull mini games the player has to find pairs of birds, mimic melodies and […]

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MonsterZ – Rows and tracing

Today’s freebie contains monsters waiting to be colored and traced. Look carefully and complete the rows using the correct colors. Trace the monsters in different colors. There are also monstercards to trace. Children can create a memory out of these cards – simply print them twice – or use them for other games. Have fun! […]

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Krokotak offers all kinds of ideas for parents and children to be creative: printables, recipes, drawing, experiments and many more ideas. How about making some windmills, rain mandalas, a car made from an egg carton, or monster cards? Go visit krokotak and be inspired! VISIT KROKOTAK

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Look carefully! One shape is missing.

For today’s freebie you need to look carefully! One shape from the field on the right is missing in the field on the left. Can you find the missing shape? There are two levels of difficulty. Level one: The shapes have been mixed. Level two: The shapes have been mixed AND turned around and/or mirrored. […]

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Dino – Perception Training

  Dino – Perception Training – that is today’s freebie: Arrange dinos from small to big, find the dino that is exactly the same, find pieces from a picture. These exercises train visual and spatial perception and attention – important skills for reading, writing and calculating. DOWNLOAD (6 MB – file may take a while […]

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