Caterpillar Stickers: Ten Year-Old with Dyslexia Co-Authors New Children’s Book.

11/14/2012 | By More

When See Ray found reading such a struggle that she developed a fear of school, her parents worked diligently to help her discover of the joys of reading. With new-found confidence and skills far beyond her years, See Ray has co-authored a new children’s book that proves anything is possible.

Following a heart-warming story of personal triumph, one Dallas-based ten year-old is delighted to announce the launch of her new children’s book. However, unlike most authors, See Ray faces challenges that make her achievement extra special.

See Ray faces the daily struggle of Dyslexia. Something that, when her dislike of reading reached a peak, caused an understandable fear of school. However, seeing it as an opportunity to thrive, See Ray’s parents stepped in.

“To overcome this we worked extra hard with her and showed her how wonderful books and reading can be – even if it is hard,” says Ruth.

She continues, “In the last few years, we started creating our own stories, eventually leading to the publication of our first Children’s book – Caterpillar Stickers: Be Yourself and Be Butterfly Beautiful.”

Official synopsis:

Ayanna lives in caterpillar village with a big loving family. Her sisters, Rosie and Tulip, attend the local Bug High and go through a lot of trouble each and every day to prepare themselves and make themselves different by applying caterpillar stickers.

Caterpillar stickers are sticky butterfly wings, but they are not real, as they are just stuck on “stickers”. Rosie and Tulip think wearing the caterpillar stickers make them beautiful. Ayanna wonders if there is a better way to look “butterfly beautiful”. Ayanna is sure she does not want to wear caterpillar stickers and pretend to look like a butterfly, as she wants to transform and be a real butterfly. Ayanna learns the secret of transformation and sets out on her journey to become a beautiful butterfly. Ayanna’s name literally means “beautiful flower”.

Targeted at younger audiences, the book shares the message that anything is possible.

“It is a wonderful, cute story about decision making and working hard to achieve your goals – plus it is beautifully illustrated! It’s a microcosm of the challenges that See Ray faced and overcame. She put her mind to it, and look what happened…” Ruth adds.

Ruth and her Daughter are keen to use their experience to spread the word about the American Dyslexia Association, a non-profit Organization that has proven invaluable to See Ray and her family.

“The ADA offers free resources for dyslexia training. They are invaluable and have changed our life for the better,” Ruth concludes.

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