Real Food for Real People: Just Say “No” to GMOs 

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Real Food for Real People: Just Say “No” to GMOs 

By Linda Davis-Kyle

Do you want to secure the most nutrient-packed food for your cherished children to ensure their ability to learn? In mere moments, your favorite search engine will bring to your fingertips such articles as, “Brain foods: the role of diet in brain performance and health,” “Nutrition and the developing brain,” and “The impact of dietary macronutrient intake on cognitive function.” Do you have plans to grow you own organic garden for your family? Do you know a local small farmer or rancher in your area who grows and sells grand organic and regenerative food? 

Ensuring Wholesome Foods for Your Family

When you support your local organic and regenerative food producers, then you are helping to ensure the best food for your family. Real Food for Real People introduces more than 100 websites of food producers and marketers devoted to growing and delivering the best organically grown and regeneratively raised, health-enhancing food to your front door—often free of shipping expenses.

Making Your Kitchens and Homes Happy Havens 

RealFood ebook helps families enjoy their “happy havens,” provides much needed information, and encourages the strongest lawful and peaceful support of our noble local food producers and their rights to grow and ship their goods where they see fit. Not only that, the author supports the rights of farmers and ranchers to own their own land, grow their own crops without interference, and to save and use their own natural seeds from season to season.

Praising Writer and Director Pete McGrain through Host Woody Harrelson

Real Food for Real People directs your attention to the most powerful solution, that Woody Harrelson, twice nominated Oscar winner and host of Ethos—written and directed by Pete McGrain—spoke in 2011, “If you don’t want foods with chemicals or GMOs in it, then don’t buy it…. No company will continue a practice or a product that you, the consumer, will not buy. If you won’t buy their stuff, they go out of business.” 

Seeing the Crucial Need to Support Our Local Farmers and Ranchers Worldwide

Simply put, there will be no “Making Your Kitchen a Happy Haven” as described in “Part One—Getting Ready for Success,” if we do not immediately take the strongest lawful and peaceful actions to protect the rights, freedoms, and liberties of our hardworking and logical thinking local small farmers, ranchers, dairies, and fishers all around the world.

Remembering the Profound Words of Claude Bristol (1891-1951)

Real Food for Real People reminds readers to think long and hard about Claude Bristol’s chilling words from Chapter 1 of The Magic of Believing in 1948, “I am aware that there are forces—powerful forces—at work in this country that would dominate us substituting a kind of regimentation for the competitive system which has made America great among nations. I believe that we must continue to retain the wealth of spirit of our forefathers. If we don’t, we shall find ourselves dominated in everything we do by a mighty few. We will become serfs in fact, if not in name.”

Linda Davis-Kyle of has written several articles for American Dyslexia Association, and she is the author of the series Your Writing Matters — Book One. Teaching English to Children: Reviewing English Grammar, Book Two. Getting Teens to Write: Writing for Real, Book Three. Helping Dyslexics to Write: Using Mind Maps [in progress], the series Writing about Animals [in progress], and Real Food for Real People available on Amazon now.

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