Middle School Writing Unleashed: Explore “World of Words” by Lisa R. Hassler

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Introduction: In a world where writing skills are essential, Dr. Lisa Hassler presents “World of Words: A Middle School Writing Notebook Using the Writing Process.” Designed for 4th-6th grade students, this innovative notebook draws upon Dr. Hassler’s extensive experience in education and writing. It serves as the perfect companion to her primary writing journal. “My Weekly Writing Journal: 15 Weeks of Writing for Primary Grades.” With captivating designs and hidden surprises waiting to be discovered, students are immediately drawn to the pages, eager to explore.

Using the Writing Process: “World of Words” takes young writers on a structured journey through the writing process. This comprehensive notebook includes several key components, each designed to support and nurture young writers:

  1. The Writing Agenda: At the heart of “World of Words” is a meticulously structured writing agenda, spanning 14 days. This agenda helps students set goals, track their progress, and stay organized throughout their writing journey.
  2. Prewriting Planning Page: Before diving into writing, students engage in prewriting planning. This section provides prompts and exercises to spark creativity, helping students generate ideas and select the type of writing they want to pursue.
  3. Graphic Organizer Pages: “World of Words” includes graphic organizer pages to help students organize their thoughts and structure their writing. From story maps to character sketches, these tools empower students to bring their ideas to life in a clear and coherent manner.
  4. Rough Draft: With their ideas in place, students begin the rough draft phase. “World of Words” provides ample space for students to experiment with language and embrace the creative process without fear of imperfection.
  5. Proofreading Edit Checklist & Feedback Pages: Writing is refined through the editing stage, where students are guided through the process of revising their work. This section provides prompts and tips to help students strengthen their writing and clarify their ideas.
  6. Final Copy: After revising their work, students produce their final copies. “World of Words” offers space for students to neatly transcribe their polished work, ready to be shared and celebrated.

Take and Go Editing Marks Cut-outs: Editing is simplified with handy editing marks cut-outs, allowing students to identify and correct errors in their writing, ensuring that their final drafts are polished and professional.

Resource Pages: Additionally, “World of Words” includes resource pages with sample rubrics for narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and expository writing. These rubrics provide clear guidelines for assessing and improving writing skills.

With its innovative approach to writing instruction and comprehensive support for students at every stage of the writing process, “World of Words” is poised to become an indispensable resource for middle school students and educators alike. Dive into the world of words today and unleash your creativity with “World of Words” by Dr. R. Hassler!

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