Camp RSA! Ready, Set, Action!

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Camp RSA!

Camp RSA! Ready, Set, Action! A Camp Leader’s Guide ~ Adventures in Writing & Performing promises to be a time-saving teacher’s treasure brimming with both stimulating and calming fun-learning activities. Whether summer, autumn, or mid-winter camps during some of the lengthier school holidays, after school programs, or during the regular school year, educators may love the convenience this book of supplemental materials can offer.

Camp RSA! serves busy teachers with abundant strategies and exercises to encourage young learners to act as if…, to practice teacher-student role reversal, and to role play in a positive fashion to foster higher self-esteem, greater self-confidence, and a better self- image for happier, more successful lives.

Helping youngsters of differing levels of ability in various areas to understand each other better by helping them to see from a different viewpoint to gain perspective and to encourage tolerance, acceptance, and kindness is a quiet underlying objective.

All the activities, exercises, and games are presented with the utmost desire to give young learners, whether dyslexic or not, the opportunity to learn in the spirit of joy and to believe in themselves to make their own dreams come true. ~ Linda Davis-Kyle, Editor and Contributor

The Creators of Camp RSA! Ready, Set, Action! A Camp Leader’s Guide ~ Adventures in Writing & Performing

David Carlson, dyslexic originator and publisher of Ready, Set, Action! An Entertainment Fun Book for Parents of Dyslexic Pre-Teens~Adventures in Writing & Performing and its extension Camp RSA! Ready, Set, Action! A Camp Leader’s Guide and its companion Camp RSA! Ready, Set, Action! Journal ~ Adventures in Writing & Performing for pre-teens, has held a lifelong dream to publish books to help dyslexic and non-dyslexic students alike.

Linda Davis-Kyle, MA, in English, ACCET certified to instruct English as a Foreign Language, and an internationally published professional writer, has worked some magic to make Carlson’s publishing dreams come true. Through editing, teaching, writing, and, Davis-Kyle encourages writers around the world. In August 2013, she collaborated with five international dyslexia authorities — Dr. Astrid Kopp-Duller, Jasmina Ionkova, Elisabeth Nuhl, Mag. Livia R. Pailer-Duller, and Angelika Troller- Janesch — to compose “Fun-Inspired Learning Games from Teachers’ Treasures”

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