The Busy English Teacher’s Fun Activities & Exercises for Pre-Teens: Grammar Mind Maps, Fitness Games & More

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Until now most grammar books have offered perfect—but oftentimes negative— examples to illustrate the parts of speech, grammatical constructions, and also the mechanics of capitalization and punctuation or “word-traffic controls” as Davis-Kyle calls them. Educators, parents, and grandparents will find the supplemental text The Busy English Teacher’s Fun Activities & Exercises for Pre-Teens brimming with positivity to help young learners—dyslexic and non-dyslexic alike—plan for and expect good futures. A foundational goal throughout the text is to help young learners to see through the eyes of their peers. Having a deeper understanding of the feelings of others can help to prevent bullying.

The uplifting multi-dimensional lessons overflow with relevant data and even present some activities with luscious organic fruits and vegetables. In addition, this Kindle book interweaves fitness routines throughout as an integral part of the memorable grammar lessons. The holistic approach helps educators, parents, and grandparents to nurture a positive mental attitude, foster excellent attention and concentration, encourage wholesome nutrition, and embrace physical fitness while enhancing language skills in a fun way.

The lessons not only are uplifting for pre-teens, but also they are supportive for hardworking educators. Astrid Kopp-Duller, PhD, Chief Science Director of the American Dyslexia Association, Osprey, FL, USA, and internationally exalted authority for her numerous contributions to improve teaching techniques to enhance the lives of dyslexic students everywhere appreciates that this Kindle book “provides encouragement and motivation for teachers to carry on even on their most difficult days.”

Internationally celebrated Norm Shealy, MD, author of Living Bliss, said, in The Busy English Teacher’s Foreword, “I am delighted that Linda has emphasized physical exercise as [a] critical component of a healthy engaged learning environment” and “healthy food [as part of] a comprehensive approach to optimal teaching for optimal learning.” Likewise, the world-renowned integrative cardiologist, Steve Sinatra, MD, Founding Member of Doctors for Safer Schools, has called the e-book a “one-of-a-kind, back-to-the basics, mind-body approach we need to secure successful futures for our children, and ultimately our culture.”

Guy Lancaster, PhD, Editor of Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture, sums up the phenomenon this way, “[Davis-Kyle] defies a culture that insists upon separating intellect from aerobics, theory from practice, and dreams of success from the practical structures that makes those dreams a reality.” She has the reputation of helping students and others recognize their own amazing talents. Finally, Brian Seraiah Wood (NSCA-CSCS & CPT), International Instructor & Master Trainer, Chiang Mai, Thailand, says, this Kindle book “provides a fresh outlook on enhancing youth education with clear communication, deeper connection, and energy awareness. These teachings are sure to bless many children in school, in handling relationships, and in life.”


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Linda Davis-Kyle of has written several hundred fitness, health, and general interest articles published in a dozen countries in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. She has been published in professional journals such as Modern Drama in Canada, Notes & Queries in the United Kingdom, Jewish Affairs in the Republic of South Africa, and Studies in English Literature in Japan. Her work has appeared in popular magazines such Common Ground in Canada, Tradewinds in the Netherlands Antilles, Green Farm Natural Health in the UK, and World Travel Magazine in Australia. Davis-Kyle is the principal author of The Writer’s Friend: Behind the Scenes with Editors. Some of her workshops for beginning writers include “10 Steps to Better Writing,” “Teaming Up with Your Inner Editor,” and “Making Writing Your Best Friend,” and she is available for writing workshops to bring out the best in your group of aspiring writers. Contact: ldkenglishtutor [at] gmail [dot] com Subject: Writing Workshops

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