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Mistakes in spelling and punctuation in emails are forgiven every day. This is no problem if the message is about being late for dinner. It is different if the message is to persuade someone to sign a purchase order or grant a job interview. is a new online service for business or personal use which offers to proofread and correct email punctuation and grammar in any language. It is not a translation service and will not change the meaning of the text in any way. The corrections are made by humans and the service is available in all countries.

Users of email know that the software on their computers, no matter how advanced, cannot catch all errors because it cannot automatically put the meanings of a word which may sound the same but be spelled differently in the proper context. Professionally qualified humans can do that; and this is the premise on which was founded. Those who may find this unique service valuable include global businesses which have teams of salesmen in different countries, students seeking jobs or admission to schools in different countries, people with Dyslexia, technology experts who paid more attention to the technology professor than the English teacher but still need to communicate well with non-techs, and anyone studying or writing in languages other than their mother tongue. has a free trial available so prospects can experience how the service works; and it supports any type of email and any type of browser. This comment from one customer illustrates its ability to save time: “Today my emails are much more professional. I can do more with my time because I don’t need to worry about reading the email over and over again before I send it”.

For information on how works and for a free trial, go to

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