EasyReading™: A Dyslexia-Dedicated Font with a “Design for All”

02/18/2015 | By More
Easyreading Font

Easyreading Font

Dyslexia-dedicated fonts usually feature an extreme design, which renders them “exclusive”, making reading harder for all other readers. The EasyReading™ font has been created through the “Design for All” technology, whereby diversity is not considered an obstacle, rather an asset improving word comprehension for all readers. This feature renders EasyReading™ an effective offsetting tool for dyslexic readers and an improving font for all other readers. This is why it does not bear a name directly linked to dyslexia.

The EasyReading™ font design counters the crowding effect and the visual misunderstanding of similarly-shaped letters (see website http://www.easyreading.it/en/caratteristiche-grafiche/prova to write a sample with the EasyReading font).

EasyReading™ was scientifically studied through the research “Easyreading™ as a compensating tool for readers with dyslexia: a comparison between Times New Roman and Easyreading™ in Good Readers and Dyslexic Fourth Grade Children”. This autonomous and independent research has been carried out on a valuable number of candidates and draws the conclusion that: “the EasyReading™ font renders reading easier both for dyslexics and unimpaired readers, therefore can be considered a compensating tool for dyslexic readers and a simplifying font for all readers”.

References: the research has been published in the scientific magazine: “Dislessia. Giornale italiano di ricerca clinica e applicative” (Volume 10, n. 2, May 2013). The scientific board sees the presence of the major Italian researchers in the industry.

Written by the designer of the EasyReading font, Mr. Federico Alfonsetti


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