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08/13/2018 | By More

Hale’s Tale is a fun, innovative approach to learning how to read. Children embark on an exciting adventure where they play mini games that strengthen their early reading skills.

Originally Hale’s Tale was targeted to all young kids (4-6 years old). However when the app was released it got a lot of positive feedback from parents who have children with dyslexia. Since that the developers concentrated even more on clear pronunciation, a peaceful game environment and individual learning algorithms. Those are of course signs of any good educational game, but especially important to dyslexic children.

In Hale’s Tale the mini-games are suitably leveled. (Practice sessions gradually become more challenging for kids.) And, as the children play and master different aspects of learning to read, their progress is rewarded; they gain access to exciting, new levels and earn “coins” for purchasing useful items for their avatar.

Hale’s Tale is a highly motivating, sensible approach to learning how to read, and it inspires kids to master crucial reading skills with joy. It engages even older children (7 to 11 years old), and can be very useful if they are delayed in their reading.

Hale’s Tale is available for iOS and Android devices. More information available on the developer’s website: https://www.berrytalestudios.com

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