Lexilight: Improving the Daily Life of Dyslexic People

12/03/2019 | By More

Lexilight, the reading aid lamp designed for dyslexic people.

Reading becomes easier, faster, and less tiring! A real pleasure.

Our technology, which combines both pulsed and modulated light, makes it possible to erase the mirror effect that a dyslexic person sees. From now on, you will be able to read faster, longer and without eye strain.

After 20 years of research, in 2017, Guy Ropars and Albert Le Floch’ of University of Rennes published their research which pointed towards the left-right asymmetry of the Maxwell spot being responsible for Dyslexia (1). Jean-Baptiste Fontes, Lexilife founder, and CEO along with Thomas Zuber our Chief Science Officer saw this as the perfect opportunity to develop a concrete solution with a practical application and Lexilight was born. Over the past couple of years, the technology has advanced, from our v1.0 to the current v2.0 which you might have seen on our brochures. While the team has grown in France, from Paris, Rennes, factory in Saint-Malo and more recently in London UK. Our customer experiences all over Europe, with more recent testimonials at The Festival of Education back in June 2019 (2), have shown that over 90% show a clear improvement when using the lamp. While you will be able to find numerous other testimonials on our YouTube channel. We see 2020 as a big year where we will expand and promote our product widely within the market. This is why, along with our upcoming trip to CES Las Vegas in January, we have been appearing on numerous news publications back in France, with France 24 being the most recent over the past weekend (3).

Read more here: https://lexilife.com/en/accueil/22-lexilight.html


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