More Than What You See By Silvaan Ruth Raven

07/01/2014 | By More

A book of poems written by Silvaan Ruth Raven about her struggles with dyslexia and what it is like to grow up with Dyslexia.

More Than What You See By Silvaan Ruth Raven

“Despite my dyslexia,
I wrote on and off again when I was younger
But it wasn’t until I was 15 that I decided to write a book–a novel.
I struggled to write it for years. Never thinking about poetry.
Poetry was something I did when I was under emotional distress,
which wasn’t often.
So, it wasn’t until I was in a relationship that was going wrong
that I realized how much easier it was to tell a story in poetry.
During this time I learned that I think, and speak in stanzas
more than sentences and paragraphs
and if I were to break them down in that way my dyslexic paragraphs made more sense
(at least to me) and with a little tweaking can make since to everyone else.”

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