Stoke Books: New Book Releases for Dyslexic Teenagers

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Stoke Books

Stoke Books

Stoke Books is delighted to announce the release of six dazzling books for Spring 2013. These novels offer struggling teenage readers the scope and feel of mainstream fiction from award-winning and best-selling writers, with gripping and edgy plots to keep them interested. If you are interested in learning more, please have a look at the press release in the link below, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Stoke Books Press Release Spring 2013

Stoke Books titles are designed to develop young people’s perception of themselves as readers and increase their enjoyment of fiction, even where a lack of experience or processing difficulties (including dyslexia) may act as a barrier to accessing the written word. We believe that the key to opening up a love of reading is the chance to experience great writing, and we are committed to pairing the least confident readers with the best authors in the world.

We distribute Stoke Books in the United States and I wanted to give you a little more insight on Stoke’s titles. They’re targeted to middle school and high school readers with Dyslexia but are written at third and fourth grade reading levels—many by bestselling authors—making them very accessible. The books are commissioned, edited and designed to break down the barriers that can stop teens from wanting to read due to lack of confidence and reluctance through visual stress and dyslexia. The font, spacing, editing, paper and short, punchy chapter structure all help readers focus on the most important thing – the compelling story.

The paper in each book is lightly tinted to reduce glare, tackle visual stress, and stop words appearing to ‘dance’ on the page. The font is designed to make each letter as distinctive as possible, to help with word and character recognition, promote good eye-tracking, and lead the eye onwards. The layout is carefully calculated to ensure words and letters don’t encroach on each other and confuse the eye, give enough text per line to allow readers to ‘chunk’ for meaning.

You can also take a look at our complete range of titles, along with a little more information about who we are and what we do, by clicking on this link.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about Stoke Books, we hope you’ll find this information useful.

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