Free, dyslexia friendly, science eLearning website

12/01/2017 | By More

Studying for exams is a chore for everyone, but made so much more difficult if the text is not accessible to the learner. eLearning has a role to play in helping these students to learn.

The website is developing a large number of science eLearning modules to help with study. These are made accessible by having a “click to hear” function.

All of the text on the totallearn website can be clicked on and it will be read out loud to the user.

The developer, Michael Collard, is a former science teacher who is able to describe difficult concepts in a clear, straight-forward manner. The modules are mainly chemistry based at the moment but this will expand with time.

There is also a science blog on the site, that is equally accessible and updated several times a week.

The developer would welcome comments and requests for learning as the website develops. Write him at: [email protected]

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