Free app for spelling: FCJ Spelling App

12/09/2017 | By More
FCJ Spelling is an app designed to help people improve their spelling with a special emphasis on dyslexia. It contains 10 exercises, customizable words, the option of a colour overlay, and a fun word card game.


The app allows teachers to monitor their students results remotely. Once all the students in a class have been added the teacher can view all their students’ results with the press of a single button. All results are encrypted and private.



The app was developed by three 13-year-old Irish students: Billy Lee and Eamon Lalor and was programmed by Niall Kehoe. The team would welcome any suggestions on how they might improve the app in later editions. You can contact them at the Twitter handle @KehoeGames.



The app is availableĀ on the iOS App Store free of charge at the link below and the authors hope to release an Android version in the near future.


Apple iTunes store:

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