Fun Foods for Kids & Grownups

11/08/2011 | By More

Fun Foods for Kids & Grownups:

Fun Foods for Kids & Grownups: Your essential guide to family fun & good health by Linda Davis Kyle introduces its menu highlights through a fantasy story, “Adventures in Abunda Gardens,” that not only intrigues youngsters to try the recipes from the magical gardens, but also it brings families together for the joy of reading, bonding, and exchanging ideas. With its smart-start recipes, it helps avoid “good-for-you” and “bad- for-you” traps, fosters a rational attitude about foods, and enhances high self-esteem and emotional stability.

It offers tips for staying trim and encourages adults to model the beauty of exercise and fitness for their children. It also nurtures learning with fun facts and historical data, shares a wealth of additional reading materials, includes a useful appendix, a handy index, and outlines sample menu ‘highlights’ for two weeks. Most of all, it reminds its readers to make every day a celebration of life and good health.

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