Fun-Inspired Learning Games from Teachers’ Treasures

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Tyron Edwards said, “To waken interest and kindle enthusiasm is the sure way to teach easily and successfully.”
Educators around the world have found that incorporating fun learning games into their lesson plans not only wake interest when a class of new students meet for the first time but also for a group already familiar with each other. Both time-tested games, such as dominoes, new ones that are created somewhere each day, and even spur-of-the-moment games that may pop into the minds of seasoned teachers—just when they need them—have a way of grabbing and holding attention, strengthening concentration, and stirring emotion among the players. Plato said, “All learning has an emotional base.” If the games are intriguing enough to invite and rivet attention, boost concentration, and create a healthy passion for participation, the likelihood of retaining the information presented is high.

It is no secret that young learners who can relax are able to pay attention and maintain concentration on any task at hand with greater ease than those who may feel nervous or anxious. In addition, whatever is learned in a more relaxed state enhances retention of the information. In turn, remembering what has been learned fosters self-esteem which furthers motivation. So, at the heart and soul of many learning philosophies, instructing strategies, and teaching systems, relaxation is held in high regard.

Combining a Passion for Participation with Relaxation
It seems that one wonderful combination to help children learn is by teaming a passion for participation with relaxation. The handful of multi-sensory games shared here are favorites from Austria, Bulgaria, and the United States that invite participation and foster relaxation. Even further, the activities are organized incrementally to support confident learning.



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