New Dyslexia Extension for Google Chrome to make the web easier

06/02/2016 | By More

A new browser extension has been launched which adds a number of features to your web browser to make it easier if you have dyslexia. It takes less than 30 seconds to install and then you can customize the features you would like in the extension, it offers:

* Ability to read paragraphs to you while underlining each word spoken
* Replacing white backgrounds with pastel colors for legibility
* Make all text on a page using one of 10 dyslexia friendly fonts
* An empathy section showing a few ways that try to mimic how websites look to dyslexics

The extension is currently only available for Chrome but more support and features are coming soon. You can install the extension here:

You can also see a screenshot here:

Dyslexia Extension

The extension was built by Charles Douglas-Osborn, currently a programmer at Google, who wanted to help other dyslexics after working on improving how dyslexia was handled at the company. You can read more about his journey here:, or contact him on Twitter if you have ideas for the extension:

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