Share Your Story – Scholarship Opportunity for Dyslexic Students

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Dyslexia Scholarship

October kicks off Dyslexia Awareness Month and Hanlon Law is offering a $2,000 scholarship opportunity for both perspective and current college students with dyslexia. After his son was diagnosed with dyslexia, Will Hanlon became dedicated to raising awareness for this learning disability.

Overcoming the obstacles created by dyslexia can lead to tremendous accomplishments never thought possible when someone was initially diagnosed. Many leaders in various industries have been diagnosed with dyslexia, but they did not let this disability hinder their goals and dreams. Just to name a few notable people who have been diagnosed with dyslexia:

• Richard Branson, the head of Virgin Records and Virgin Atlantic Airways
• Charles Schwab, the creator of the discount brokerage business
• John Chambers, the CEO of Cisco
• David Boies, the celebrated trial attorney, best known as the guy who beat Microsoft

These dyslexics are proof that the problem can shape a very creative mind and a diagnosis doesn’t have to hinder one’s ambitions. Will Hanlon, inspired by his son as well as the many other success stories, is helping students accomplish their dreams by creating this scholarship.

Applying for the Scholarship:

What obstacles have you faced with dyslexia? What are your academic goals? In order to apply, applicants are asked to write a 500+ word essay sharing their story and submit their application by June 30, 2016. Check out all of the scholarship details here and apply today:

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