Learning Without Reading: Extreme Dyslexia. By Casey M Tate

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Learning Without Reading: Extreme Dyslexia. By Casey M Tate

Learning Without Reading: Extreme Dyslexia. By Casey M Tate

I’m living in a non-reading and writing world.

This Book of Pages of words are a snapshot in time of my way of dealing with not reading. These words reflect highlights in my life and disappointments. Everything I learned in life is based on experiences and watching people. Voice recognition with Apple Page, allows me to put words on paper that you can read. But I cannot read because of being Extreme Dyslexic. There has been no editing! Editing would change the struggle that I Live in. Struggle is my normal world! I always thought on a scale 1 to 10 I was about a three, one being the worst, as a child I believed, as an adult I realize I’m more like a Minus 2, yes that means I really don’t read anything and I don’t write anything, any writing is copying! Yesterday I went down to renew my drivers license, handed me an application to fill out, the man said filled out completely make sure you put in your full middle name spelled the same as in your drivers license, well when I went to write my middle name I choked first three letters then had to look at my drivers license and copy my middle name, stress take my dyslexia more like a minus 10 in a blink of an eye! That gives you an idea how well I do, Extreme Dyslexia is a cruel and mean thing for someone to live through, like all disabilities! Have you ever had a moment when you come home and all you want to do is relax maybe grab a book and read a nice story? I can’t do that! or maybe cook a nice dinner? Pull out a cookbook find yourself a recipe? I can’t do that! Or maybe use your PC and search for a vacation, grab the keyboard and start typing, I can’t do that! For me if the world had no books papers no literature anywhere no signs with words, I would be just fine, rest the world not so much! but I can look at photographs and a book and try to figure out what their subject matter is, I’ve done this my whole life started probably when I was in first grade or maybe even earlier, As a child books with photographs allowed my imagination to run, to this day it’s still does. Voice recognition changed my world, actually makes me feel a little bit normal, voice recognition now I can find a book a recipe a airline ticket, or I can send a text message or an email! Or write this book! I was asked to write this book 30 years ago by John G Frauenheim, PhD. I just didn’t want my life out there for the world to see, for some reason! now I find to be OK because I could possibly help! A parent with a child with dyslexia or teacher trying to understand or a psychologist trying to create a long-term program for a child with dyslexia!

If you have any curiosity about my life… The book is available by contacting: [email protected]
ISBN: 978-1-940985-14-5

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