10 Ways to Help Kids Overcome Math Anxiety

07/08/2020 | By More

For kids who struggle with math – the ones who have trouble with math no matter what they try – it is not uncommon to feel anxiety when even simply thinking about math. As the mom of a handful of kids who struggle with math, sometimes called dyscalculia, I have had a ton of practice helping them not only to figure out how to solve math problems but to overcome their unnecessary worrying about math. Whether your child is six or 16, these 10 tips will help them to build their confidence and ability in math class.

Overcome Math Anxiety

10 Ways to Help Kids With Math Anxiety

Normalize their challenges.  I often laughingly refer to myself as my kids’ life coach.  How encouraging is it to a struggling learner to hear that many students have a hard time with math. Research shows that up to 50% of students nationwide are experiencing some degree of math difficulty.  Remind kids that “All kids can learn math, we just need to figure out how you learn best.”

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