Miracles happen everyday – a true story

06/06/2012 | By More

We want to post a readers story! Thank you!

“I have been active with various organizations over the years that assist students and adults with learning disabilities, by providing support, resources, and a wealth of information, (VSANJ, NCLD, SPAN). In addition, I am very appreciative of the help and support you have offered. It has enabled me to be an advocate for my daughter Jessyca (ChARTer TECH Performing Arts High-school in Somers Point, NJ) and she in turn is now an advocate for Students with Learning Disabilities.”

Jessyca: “The performing arts gave me the opportunity to explore what I am best at. It boosted my confidence, self esteem, and through it I have experienced SUCCESS! Cygnus Creative Arts (Egg Harbor twp., NJ) provided the opportunity and platform to show off my talents and skills. Cygnus took my talent seriously and taught me discipline, commitment, and through my passion and love for dance; to always be the best and give your best, and I am truly thankful and appreciative for their years of support and training.”

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