The Ladybug Known as “Lil”

11/11/2020 | By More

ADA has endorsed another award-winning rhyming story picture book by Robert Z. Hicks, “The Ladybug Known as Lil”.  The story has the flavor of  the wild west in the pumpkin patch.  Ant bursts in the door of the Pumpkin Club to warn the bugs that aphids are invading the garden, and on their way to Pumpkin Town!

Ladybug Lil, singer at the Pumpkin Club, rides her roach through the night to find sheriff Bugaroo to save Pumpkin town from the dreaded Aphid Gang.  Will the sheriff and his posse reach Pumpkin Town in time?

Will Lil see her beloved Pumpkin Club destroyed by the invading Aphids?

Told in rhyme, “The Ladybug Known as Lil” is good for early readers.  The THINGS TO LEARN section has photos and information about the real insects that are characters in the story.

Questions and Answers test comprehension.

The Ladybug  Known as Lil’s trophy joins Mr. Bob’s collection of awards for “Tommie Turtle’s Secret”, “Mouse in the Manger”, and “Danny the Dragon”, all of which have met ADA’s standards for formatting and quality.  

Ashley Otis, the artist who illustrates Bob’s books, has done a beautiful job of bringing Ladybug Lil to life!

Available on Amazon and online bookstores.

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