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How Common Are Learning Disabilities in Children?

How Common Are Learning Disabilities in Children?

A learning disability is a lifelong neurological condition that affects the way a person receives and processes information in their brain. In addition to making it tougher to succeed in the classroom, having a learning disability can also affect your social life. There are more than 4.6 million Americans that have a learning disability, and […]

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Strategies for Working with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Will you be welcoming a student with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) into your classroom this fall?  If this is your first experience having a child with ASD in your classroom you may be a tad nervous (well, likely more that just a tad).  You may be wondering how in the world are you going to […]

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Best Kept Secret

“Best Kept Secret” is a new documentary worth watching about a teacher in New Jersey who works with autistic students to help them prepare to live in the world once they graduate from school. The students attend JFK High School in Newark, a public school for students with a wide range of special needs. Administrators […]

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Fun Foods for Kids & Grownups:

Fun Foods for Kids & Grownups

Fun Foods for Kids & Grownups: Your essential guide to family fun & good health by Linda Davis Kyle introduces its menu highlights through a fantasy story, “Adventures in Abunda Gardens,” that not only intrigues youngsters to try the recipes from the magical gardens, but also it brings families together for the joy of reading, […]

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Equine Therapy at the Big Heart Ranch in Malibu

Equine Therapy at the Big Heart Ranch in Malibu

Equine Therapy is an experiential, evidence-based therapy involving horses. The client works with the horses and a certified horse specialist and therapist to help achieve the client’s goals. EAP is appropriate for individuals of all ages as well as groups, families and couples. Ideal for kids and families struggling with: Addiction ADHD AutismEating Disorders Family […]

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Beautiful Minds: Stephen Wiltshire

Beautiful Minds: Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen is able to do this because of his autism. He is able to devote more of his brain power to visual memorization because he is not processing the thousands of other stimuli that ordinary people both acknowledge and must process. In this instance, being autistic is what allows Stephen to have this extraordinary ability. […]

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