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Dyslexics are often recommended to use a dictionary for writing. However, this does not help them much since they often do not know how the words are written. So for example, a dyslexic child may want to write “queen” but thinks it is written “kween”. Searching under “k” won’t bring any results and more likely than not the child will give up. This is no longer necessary! Now dyslexics can use the American Wordspeller™ & Phonetic Dictionary. This dictionary finds words by how they sound. This is how it works:
Type in 2-4 letters of your word by “how it sounds to you”. Spell it just how it SOUNDS to you. NO spelling RULES required. If you spell the first 2-3 letters wrong, good, this dictionary will find your word no matter how you spell it as long as the letters SOUND right to you. Over 65,000 common, everyday words excluding words which require capitalized letter at the beginning. There are no proper nouns in this dictionary such as people, places, things, times and events. The database would be too large.

Remember, just type the first 2-4 letters that YOU THINK your word starts with into the search bar. If there are too many choices…add a 4th or 5th letter to narrow your search.


  1. Phonetic Wordspeller™ Cross-Reference is automatic. If your spelling sounds or is spelled similar to any other words…they will all be listed
  2. Dictionary with brief definitions
  3. Suffix Speller – root words along with all possible word endings completely spelled out for you!
  4. Prefixes listed – complete with definitions

This app does not require internet connection! It is available for IOS and Android.

More information: American Wordspeller™ & Phonetic Dictionary

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