Children’s Confidence Boosted Thanks to Dyslexic Artist’s Reading and Learning Resource

09/16/2020 | By More

by Rossie Stone


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All my way through school I struggled with processing information through words, both spoken and written. Listening to the teacher was really hard, as was following and remembering information from books.

 After being at the bottom of the class throughout primary school, I was eventually identified as dyslexic. Though it was a relief to be assured the problem wasn’t stupidity, the diagnosis didn’t make high school any easier. Or exams.

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Eventually, I had a eureka moment. It struck me that if understanding information through text was so hard, I could try turning my revision notes into something I had never found difficult to read: COMICS.

 To my surprise, it was not only highly enjoyable (in a way, I expected that) but highly effective too. Suddenly the information was going into my head and staying there, the way I assumed it was for people who take in knowledge more conventionally.

 When it came to my exam, I did my best to remember the notes from my Revision Comic. I was delighted to find how easy that was. I remembered all the pictures and parts of the story in the comic that contained the facts I needed. Even so, I wasn’t expecting to come back with my very first GRADE A in an academic exam!

It wasn’t the Grade A that filled me with confidence, though, but the realization that I COULD access information – and could have been doing it all along – when it was presented in a way that worked for me.

 Since then I have made my revision technique into a series of comics more accessible to a younger age, the years where I felt I really missed out.

 These comics turn school subjects like maths, literacy, science and history into pure entertainment in the form of visual stories.

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We’ve recently decided to make the comics free online to support children, teachers and parents during this period of home learning for many. They are also on our website, here:

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