Literacy: Helping Kids Write

10/21/2013 | By More

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I’m notorious for keeping numerous notebooks. I’m even more notorious for keeping little keepsakes loosely tucked into the pages of those notebooks. Lately, those little keepsakes comprise anything with N&M’s emergent literacy; their writing in particular. That first letter to a friend enclosed in an envelope, that first church attendance card filled in by M with his name and that drawing with N’s name written at the top left hand corner of the page.

Whenever people write, they have something to say. This is no different with children who are learning to write.

Being able to write enables children to express their thoughts and experiences. Learning to write is a huge task. As with all other aspects of literacy, when kids write, they have to think about many things, simultaneously. Writing, like other aspects of literacy, is not easy and can be understandably frustrating and discouraging. Children need plenty of feedback and encouragement.

Here are a few ways parents can help kids write:

1. Focus on the good things rather than the mistakes. Mistakes are part of the process of learning, but by focusing on the good things, children are more likely to remain confident and be prepared to take risks and enjoy writing while they develop their writing skills.

2. Let kids see you writing all sorts of things. E.g. shopping lists, cards, letters, emails, filling out forms, etc.


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