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The American Dyslexia Association offers a different educational approach to help people with dyslexia and dyscalculia. This approach is called the AFS-Method, which is a multi-sensory method to help people who have difficulties with reading, writing and / or calculating. The “F” stands for “Function” which means the different sensory perceptions you need to learn reading, writing and calculating. One important sensory perception is the acoustic area:

  • acoustic recognition: Can the child recognize different sounds?
  • acoustic memory: Can the child remember what he/she has heard?
  • acoustic sequencing: Can the child remember a sequence of sounds?

We offer 12 sound sequences to train acoustic perception. Access them here. The audio clips have different degrees of difficulty. The child should recognize, whether the sounds are the same or different, loud or soft, how many different sounds there are and so on. According to the age and skills of your child you can do the exercices with closed headphones. The headphones have the advantage that the child can completely focus on the sounds. The trainer or parent then also needs headphones and a dual adapter. If you do the exercices without headphones, then the child also hears the normal daily sounds around and learns how to filter out noise even better.
We also made some worksheets to accompany these exercices which you can download here: DOWNLOAD.
Access the audio clips here.

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