Symbol sudokus for children

01/29/2014 | By More

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Sudokus are everywhere: in about every shop to buy and on the internet as free printables or to play online . So why another post about sudokus? Because it is not easy to find good sudokus for children and it is even less easy to find sudokus with symbols., however, offers a free symbol sudoku generator . Simply choose the symbols, how many sudokus you want (one or four per page), choose the difficulty level and click “create worksheet”. You get a PDF which you can save or print. A solution and explanation of the solution are included.

We like symbol sudokus a lot. Young children can solve them as well and are very proud for being able to do the same kind of puzzles as the adults. Older children like the extra challenge of drawing the symbols – this trains creativity and visual perception. What more can you wish?
Access the symbol sudokus here

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