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Dyslexia Materials Offers Mindful and Multisensory Resources and Advice for Students with Dyslexia

Dyslexia Materials Offers Mindful and Multisensory Resources and Advice for Students with Dyslexia

There are a multitude of tools and resources available on the Internet for students with dyslexia, but finding the best sites can be very challenging. This blog features a summary of Dr. Erica Warren’s site, Dyslexia Materials. What is Dyslexia Materials? Dyslexia Materials is a comprehensive site that was created to offer teachers, homeschoolers, therapists […]

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Christmas calendar 2014

Still a couple of days and it is that time of the year again: Waiting for christmas! To shorten the time we created a calendar. Every day you can download a freebie which trains your child’s skills for reading, writing and calculating: puzzles, finding pairs, coloring templates and much more! On December 1st 2014 the […]

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Put Your Best Text Forward Online -

Put Your Best Text Forward Online –

How many emails did you send today? What about Facebook updates or tweets? Online communication is more important than ever. According to research by the email management company AWeber, over 90 percent of teens today prefer to communicate via email, text, and Facebook. Texting and social networking are increasingly our primary modes of talking to […]

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1500 free worksheets

The American Dyslexia Association offers more than 1500 free worksheets on its website. The worksheets follow the AFS-method , a very successful method to help children with dyslexia and dyscalculia. If a child has dyslexia or dyscalculia, it is not enough to work on the mistakes. The child also has to learn to be attentive all […]

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New service can be trusted when it is important to get the grammar and spelling right in emails -

New service can be trusted when it is important to get the grammar and spelling right in emails –

Mistakes in spelling and punctuation in emails are forgiven every day. This is no problem if the message is about being late for dinner. It is different if the message is to persuade someone to sign a purchase order or grant a job interview. is a new online service for business or personal use […]

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Delightful Dyslexia: Alphamusic

Delightful Dyslexia: Alphamusic

Cher? Tom Cruise? Salma Hayek? Anthony Hopkins? Jamie Oliver? Albert Einstein? Agatha Christie? Alexander Graham Bell? Robin Williams? Danny Glover? John Lennon? and Muhammad Ali? What do these famous people all have in common? As you might have guessed from the title yes it is that they are all Dyslexic. Dyslexia is a specific learning […]

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New freebie: I spy … superheroes!

Here is another “I spy…” freebie. Children simply love them. This time it is about “I spy … superheroes”. Print them out, color, count and simply enjoy all the fun. At the same time, children train attention, visual perception and fine motor skills. Grab this freebie here: I spy … superheroes More freebies

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New freebie: I spy … spring

Spring is in the air, so we thought it was about time for a new freebie. Give your children some coloring pencils and let them color and search. Then they count how many they found of each object. Use this opportunity to talk about “more than…”, “less than…”, etc. This exercise trains attention, visual and […]

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Symbol sudokus for children

Sudokus are everywhere: in about every shop to buy and on the internet as free printables or to play online . So why another post about sudokus? Because it is not easy to find good sudokus for children and it is even less easy to find sudokus with symbols., however, offers a free symbol […]

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Animals and objects

A cold rainy day? Still 10 minutes to fill? Children with special educational needs? You simply cannot have enough worksheets. That’s why we offer you a file (24 pages) with animals and objects: searching, tracing, drawing, colouring, memory – all for free, of course! The exercices train attention, visual and spatial perception. DOWNLOAD We hope […]

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