Hidden object puzzles

11/14/2012 | By More

Can you see seven dolphins in the picture above? Have a close look and you’ll find them. Do you like such pictures? Then make sure to check Smartkit’s Hidden object puzzles.  There you can find a variety of pictures with hidden objects, such as old Liebig-pictures or the hidden bear on the Suisse chocolate bar Toblerone. These kind of pictures are ideal to train visual perception with children, e.g. try the sad clown faces, the letters hidden in this picture or the hidden star.

Click on the pictures for a better resolution. You can also print and laminate them. In this way, you have a nice collection of wonderful, classic hidden object puzzles, with which both the young and the old can have fun.

Access all the puzzles here: http://www.smart-kit.com/scategory/brain-teasers/hidden-object-puzzles/

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